Friday, September 4, 2009

Wings (1928)

We are off to a rocky start... and by that I do not mean that I have started with Rocky (1976).

I wanted to start from the first academy award winning movie in 1928 and work my way up through the years. I thought it would give me perspective on how far we have come in 80 years. But apparently we have not come far enough to have the first academy award winning film on DVD!

According to Wikipedia:
Along with Cavalcade, Wings is one of only two Best Picture winners that is not officially available on DVD in Region 1.

Darn it!

You can watch 3 minutes and 15 second of the silent film on youtube. Oh well.. we will just have to start with the 1929 winner (The Broadway Melody of 1929).

I'll be in touch...

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